Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks

Easy to write?

Even easier to love?

Well, that’s not what people say when it comes to peer reviewed articles.


In her book, Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks, Wendy Belcher takes readers through a process that can have your article done and submitted in 12 weeks.

If you have:

  • written an article that you never submitted
  • wished you could turn your thesis literature review into an article
  • been told “you should publish that” about a presentation or your thesis

Going through this book is for you.


If you need or want:

  • someone to keep you on track
  • a kick up the arse if/when you fall behind
  • someone to share the process and experience with

Look no further! I have a program for you.

Over 15 weeks (I've built in some slack), we’ll go through the steps in the book to get your article written and submitted.

You’ll have a group to work with, as well as me.

There'll be 3 terms in 2021.

  • Term 1 - Jan 25 to 12 Apr
  • Term 2 - 19 Apr to 5 Jul
  • Term 3 - 23 Aug to 29 Nov

Meetings are 1 – 2 pm Melbourne, Australia time.

What you’ll bring:

  • a digital or hard copy of the book (I can provide one at an additional cost, see below)
  • a positive attitude; and
  • a sound work ethic

Investment options:

  • $132 AUD (inc GST) upfront; if you'll bring your own copy of the book
  • $200 AUD (inc GST) upfront; if you also need a copy of the book.

Fill out the form to the right and I’ll send you all of the meeting details as well as an invoice with payment terms and options

Still not sure? Book a Chat. Otherwise sign-up below.

What participants have said

Adi Afzal Ahmad (Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi Mara Cawangan Perlis)

Remember that in the beginning I mentioned about experiencing writing apprehension that made me unable to write? Well, I don’t seem to feel it anymore. It IS there - somewhere - but it is tiny and manageable.

I think, watching/listening to the others who are also working toward the same goal (producing a publishable article, reading Belcher’s chapters, doing the exercises, and listening to your take on the whole thing — help me to look at this writing activity with a different (more positive) mindset.

Another reason is because through the group discussion, I got to see the ‘gaps’ in my paper which I need to deal with before I send it to a journal. In other words, there is a list of specific tasks that guides me on what to write next. And that really helps to combat anxiety!

If you are going to have another round of “Writing your journal article in 12 weeks” after the present one is over, do tell because I’d be most interested to join it.